I can not say enough about Anja, she is one of the most talented artists I have ever met. She is not only a designer, artist, creator, but also a builder. On top of that she is easy to get along with and has a quiet and professional personality. She has designed and built some amazing projects for me as you can see from the photos of Finca Belon.Working together has only been a pleasure and she brings to the table a feminine touch which is difficult to find in my area of Spain. Besides all that she is an incredible artist and when I asked her to paint my bathroom with butterflies on the ceiling it became my pride and joy of the house. Not to mention my queen size bed, fit for a queen that she built herself.I truly recommend Anja for any job that lets her creativity shine, whether it is one of her first flowered paper lamps or a request for a painting of a pig flying. She is amazing and a treasure as a person.

Beverly Feldman
Shoe designer